Databases design (SQL / noSQL) information storage systems (mostly BigData), search queries optimization, search / retrieval / recording queries
Logic and processes automatization server side programs, global program logic
API services RESTful API services, API (eBay, Amazon, ABBY, Microsoft)
Microservices plugins, calculators, automated (cron) modules
UI (user interfaces) system management interfaces, graphs, administrative panels


Online trading automation:
  • auto parts quantity balances
  • commodity search by warehouse                     
  • information and detailed search for product characteristics                     
  • autoranging positions                     
  • suppliers' goods parsing services
  • API - Automation:
  • eBay API (Developer/APP)
  • Amazon MWS API (Salesplatform)
  • Accommodation in international auto-catalogs:
  • TecDoc (EU)
  • Auto Care Association (US)

  • Work examples:

    My examples on GitHub

    SistemaExport (RUS) software and hardware complex system (SHCS) - best-selling goods rating search in the countries of North America and Europe (USA, Canada, EU)
    eBay Tips and Tricks (ENG) free features for online trading
    (TOP50, eBay GlobalIDs)
    ProxyParser automatic proxy addresses parser (collector) with validation


    Fulcrum Auto - the largest manufacturer of polyurethane spare parts for cars in Russia
    Zeroteck - wires, spark plugs and other auto parts manufacturer for auto-moto sports
    GAZ Group - the largest manufacturer of commercial vehicles and auto parts in Russia
    Armafit - one of the largest manufacturer of water supply systems in Russia

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